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Whale FM


Help decode the language of whales. The Whale FM project ames to increase our understanding of what whales are saying to each other. Whales talk to each other in quite sophisticated ways. Each family of Killer Whales has its own dialect and closely-related families share calls, yet the communication of killer whales and pilot whales is still poorly understood. By listening to and categorizing whale calls, you can help demystify the complex language of these intelligent aquatic mammals.

The increasing size of current acoustic datasets and the large call repertoire make it very difficult for scientists to address these questions. A single person would take months to go through the data, and the outcome would still depend on a single persons’ interpretation.

By asking people to help categorize whale calls, Whale FM hopes to answer questions such as: How large is the call repertoire of pilot whales? Do the long and short finned pilot whales have different call repertoires? How well can the calls of vocal species such as pilot whales be categorized?

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