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Digital Fishers


Help analyze deep-sea videos – 15 seconds at a time. NEPTUNE Canada invites you to participate in ocean science research (no experience required!). By playing Digital Fishers you’ll help researchers gather data from video, and unveil the mechanisms shaping the animal communities inhabiting the deep.

NEPTUNE Canada is an array of ocean observatories off the west coast of Vancouver Island, connected by an 812 km loop of fibre optic cable relaying data between hundreds of scientific instruments. The NEPTUNE Canada database, containing both live and archived data, can be freely explored by anyone with Internet access.

Input from Digital Fishers is helping organize and annotate thousands of hours of video from NEPTUNE undersea cameras, providing a rich resource for sea life researchers, and helping to catalogue the variety and abundance of sea life found on these rock structures.

Project owners + coordinators:
Jodie Walsh, research coordinator

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